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Here what people are saying…

Hear some real life testimonials sent to me via feedback forms, email, Facebook and thank you cards. If you want actual copies of the originals I keep these also as proof.

"Thanks again very much for putting in that extra effort for the great experience of the extended and added realism for the spin class last night. I really enjoyed the music-particularly, had a strong beat and tempo which we could all pace to-plus your brilliant motivation along the way.

I started going to your classes a bit by accident, as I normally fly home 5pm back to Wellington on a Thursday.You really inspired me from that first time.You then gave me the challenge to try a double which I took up.

I now always stay Thursday and catch the last flight to Wellington so that I can do 2 of your classes .They are a real inspiration, I really like the way you build them up with commentary and motivation to get the very best from us all.

Well done I really appreciate your efforts."

Steven | Virtual Le Race Spin Class | 25/03/2014

"Jason did a fantastic job. The experience felt like the real thing, only better because Jason provided such great music and encouragement. Thank you Jason for everything you do, Carol and I absolutely love all of your classes, you are true professional with a passion for what you do. Keep it up."

Paul and Carol | Virtual Le Race Spin Class | 25/03/2014

"Thanks for the bike tips...must have helped. Won my age group today at Xterra Motatapu. Came out of the swim in 4th and down 7min. Finished 1st off the bike ahead of 2nd place by 12min".

Phillipa | Mountain Bike Coaching | 08/03/2014

"Thanks Jason for putting on a properly structured strength class. Very well done. I look forward to the 90 minute endurance class".

Anonymous | Spin Class | 03/03/2014

"Just been to Jason's spin class (Monday). He did a MTB trail ride kind of thing, it was the best spin class Ive ever been to! I hope he does another like it, and he always has good music"

"Had 5.30pm spin on Monday night with Jason. Best spin class I have ever been to in my life, also the best workout ever!"

"Monday night spin, awesome class, awesome instructor".

Anonymous | Spin Class | 03/02/2014

"Thank you for your clinic on Sunday..i thought the course content and the way you communicated your ideas was excellent...I felt I learnt a lot. I had a good ride to Rapaki that afternoon and today tackled Flying Nun...I felt very secure and safe especially going over the drops.

I am a starter for a group ride at any time and will be keen to tackle your next level course after a few more rides....just need to get my chest closer to the bar!"

Bill | Mountain Biking Skills | 09/11/2013

"I have been out to bottle lake since I did you course and my riding has improved 100%! Thank you".

Rachel | Mountain Biking Skills | 09/11/2013

"Jason Turner, is a natural tutor. I was impressed with his delivery, ability to make the less confident riders feel able, and seek prior learning from the experienced riders. Jason was clear at all times and you can tell he is passionate about the skills and riding the bike. I felt that albeit he has probabaly been doing this for a while, like I was part of his first group and his attention to detail was brill. Big ups from me".

Mountain Biking Skills Clinic | 07/05/2013

"Jason was excellent as he was patient and gave full and considered explanations. I would/have recommended his course to others."

Anonymous | Women's Mountain Bike Skills Clinic | 13/10/2013

"Spin class with Jason... the best classes for balance of effort to recover and achievable realistic for all levels of participants".

Peter | Spin Class | 04/03/2013

"Loved the class. Music was also awesome really worked well with the class. Didn't seem like it was 1.5 hours long was very well organised and enjoyable.
Thanks Jason".

Julie | Le Race Virtual video Spin Class | 20/03/2014

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