Indoor Cycling Wars

I just come across this Two Part article


Neil, thank you for putting up this article. Hopefully more gym managers and program co-ordinators read this.  They will soon see the benefits of a program which “Keeps it real” in an indoor cycling class.  Nahid also needs to be commended for trusting you and not her clients/customers which in reality had been re-programmed by those instructors doing all the ‘fluff’ stuff.  Its a real shame that the participants (clients and customers) of indoor cycling classes are forced to belief that the ‘fluffy’ contradicted movements are what needs to be in an indoor cycling class to make it fun.  As instructors we become role models and leaders, so its not surprising that when you did your ‘keep it real’ class they didn’t buy into it initially.  Eventually everyone will understand the benefits of ‘keeping it real’.


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